Name of the speaker: Jiankui He
Position: Associate Professor                                   
Organization: South University of Science and Technology of China
 Nationality: China

The Title of Speech: A Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Technology
for Single Molecule Gene Sequencing
Biography of the Speaker: Dr. He Jiankui, Associate Professor in the Department of Biology, South University of Science and Technology of China. Dr. He has interdisciplinary research background, such as genome sequencing, CRISPR, physical theories of network evolution, evolution of influenza virus, immune repertoire sequencing, single-cell genomics, and bioinformatics. Dr He led the team to successfully develop the first third-generation single molecule sequencer in Asia in 2015, receiving extensive attention worldwide. Dr. He's work was published in several top journals, including Physics Review Letters, Science Translation Medicine and was highlighted in Nature Biotechnology, Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review, etc. During the overseas study in US, Dr. He obtained the “Outstanding Overseas Students at Their Own Expense” Award by the National Overseas Study Fund Committee. Dr. He was selected by the “Peacock Plan for Overseas High-level Talents”in Shenzhen in 2012, and also selected by “Ten Thousand Talent Program” in Guangdong in 2015. Dr. He pays great attention to the industrial transformation and founded Direct Genomics Biotechnology Co. ltd. in Shenzhen. Dr. He earnd his PhD degree supervised by Prof. Michael W. Deem in Physics in 2010 at Rice University, and worked as postdoc on genome sequencing research in the lab of Stephen Quake at Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University.
 Abstract of Speech: With the decline cost of sequencing and the ongoing discovery of diseases genes, it is now possible to examine multiple genes in a single disease-targeted test using next generation sequencing. Current targeted sequencing methods require a separated step of capture enrichment during sample preparation before sequencing, and the library preparation process is labor intensive and time consuming. Single Molecule Targeted Sequencing (SMTS) technology detects the DNA directly, requiring little sample preparation, without any amplification and avoiding biases and errors produced by PCR reaction. Here, we introduced a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) system, which was used to capture single molecule signal excellently in the SMTS system. Based on the TIRF system, we built a stage system to get a mass of pictures from different Field of View, and established an effective image processing algorithm for the locating and drifting of single molecule spots. We investigated the SNR of the single molecule picture and the distribution of single molecule in a Field of View. The TIRF technology is totally qualified for single molecule gene sequencing, accelerating the gene sequencer applied for cancer gene mutation detection in clinic.

Fig.1 The principle of Single Molecule Targeted Sequencing

Fig.2 The image from a FOV of the sCMOS camera

Fig.3 The investigation of the distribution of single molecule